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Why Do The West Shift to Right?

For a long time, the center allied with the progressive left dominated the political scene in the West, driven by the increasing influence of the progressive left in the media, economic and academic circles. That dominance was overwhelming to a level where the conservative right has begun to embrace the progressive leftist manifestations with accelerated steps in order to remain in the scene.

However, suddenly, and within a few years, the right re-emerged strongly and competed fiercely for power in Europe and North America, and it was not just the right, but the extreme one... So what happened?

First, let me remind you of the fact that everyone knows but always ignores. The fact that whether it was the right, the left, or the political center, eventually all are just minorities from a statistical point of view. In a democratic country, the fate of power is being sealed at the doors of the non-politicized public of the people, who ultimately choose which liar to follow. 

They know that everyone lies from the far right to the far left. Some of them would lie by the name of God, others would use economic and welfare promises, some would use the name of freedom, progress and enlightenment, and some would raise the flag of defending or preserving security and stability. Of course, all of them would pretend to be so patriotic and use the name of their homeland in their lies. Moreover, some of them might use race or ... or ... and so on. But eventually, all of them will lie and lie and tell him whatever he would like to hear in exchange of his voice. 

Ammar Moussa

People know that the moment they stand in front of the polls is nothing more than the moment when each of them has to choose which package or flavor of lies he or she prefers at the time and hoping that someone at least will be honest and keep the promises even for once.

Having that been said, let us return to our topic. The dominance of the progressive left was driven by historical factors that would need long space to be explained. However, that dominance was also driven or even based on continuous lies and propaganda that deluded everyone to believe that everyone had become a progressive leftist, and that lagging behind would mean abandoning life. Despite that, the electorate maintained a kind of balance to preserve democracy and kept the conservative right and the classical left alive, even if it was on the sidelines.

But… Gradually, the public began to feel that the progressive left-wing agenda, whether it was economic or social one, only offered them a new type of modern economic slavery, not very different in essence from the slavery of classical capitalism or the slavery of social-communism, or maybe even worse than both of them (which is something that can be arguable). It does that while it was robbing their cultural and social identity from them in the name of globalization, protection of minorities, and the vague economic agendas. And here it was when the right found its opportunity to strike a sensitive chord and gain a slightly broader ground on the scene every day.

Then the waves of refugees arrived during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and also the African conflicts, which once one of them ends, the next begins; and usually, it would be started somehow by a Western hand. These waves of refugees came and pumped more blood into the veins of the right, and gave it the kiss of life to come back, get up again, and make its voice heard.

Ammar Moussa

This shift was not necessarily in support of the right's agenda or its extremism as much as it was some kind of protesting and an attempt to rein in the progressive left and restores some balance. But over time, the feeling grew that the progressive left-wing agenda was too extreme and perhaps the worst available option on the scene as the Liberal fascism has revealed its teeth. The dreams of welfare have vaporized over the heat of the new liberal economics fire. The policies of protecting minorities that had annoyed the voters began to turn into the policy of the minorities ruling and dominating. The excessive protection of the so-called LGBT community, which was swallowed up by most of the public involuntarily in the name of freedom, progression and the spirit of the era; this policy turned into a reverence for them and an excessive fulfillment of their sick narcissistic desires and whims.

However, the serious turning point for the apolitical majority in the West was when the gender agendas began to be enforced by law on children and adolescents, taking advantage of the fragility of their psychological and intellectual structures, which the modern liberal media and education seem to strive to nurture and preserve that way. I have heard that myself from many Europeans and Americans, and even there are some rumors that some of the American celebrities are among those who decided to turn to the Republican right as a result of their suffering with their children because of the gender agenda.

In general, they see this gender agenda being falsely attributed to science while it is nothing more than crap or intellectual delusions approaches madness, with unimaginable painful long-term consequences for its victims. They watch this agenda not only being imposed by force of law, but it is also bringing the Cancel culture with it to silence any opposition voices and bury them as early as possible. Which in turn is not really much different from the methods of the European Church in the Middle Ages and the Inquisition in Andalusia or even Nazi chauvinism or fascism in the days of Hitler and Mussolini. Even if it has not included (at least yet) the physical forms of violence, harm, punishment, or even the physical elimination from existence.

In short, they see an intellectual dictatorship that raises the slogan of defending freedom while depriving them of the right to object to the destruction of the lives of their own children!

The point at which the progressive left had decided to push this extreme agenda on the scene formed a turning point for many in the West, and I think that in the upcoming years, we will see more of the right-wing rise and the gradual fade of the power of the progressive left in the West.

Ammar Moussa

However, it is necessary to note that there are upcoming major events that may completely reshape the scene again and may give rise to new political tendencies that may be more moderate or more extreme on both ends. The Covid-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, and the repercussions of the climate crisis in Europe; all are forming only the first chapter of these events.

ENG Ammar Moussa