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To be Creative in Being Creative

Our own creativity is frightening like a devil, which causes pain whether in her presence or absence. Her sacred presence gives you the whole world, as if she was the genie of the magic bulb. When she is absent, we keep begging for her presence and become ready to sign the deal and sell our souls, and once her majesty arrives, we become her submissive and faithful slaves. However, creativity is one of the most dangerous double-edged weapons we have, it can be harmful as much as it can be useful, and that is why we need to master it

Mastering creativity is not about how to increase your creativity and hit the bell; it is about those things that usually nobody tells about creativity. It is to become the master of your own creativity and the one who leads her in the right direction, keeps her running in the right path, and manages the way she affects your life.

The real genius and the most creative person is actually the one who understands that the most creative action to do is to be creative in the way you become creative, and creatively solve those many equations that define your own life. Solving such equations means finding the best available solutions to keep your creativity at its best levels while your life goes in the right way and within the equilibrium zone.

If you had already surrendered to your creativity before and just let it lead your life, then I guess you already know how painful it can be when the shining moments fade out, and the time to face reality arrives. Practicing extreme creativity is not a good habit. Of course, there are benefits, but at what cost? Extreme creativity consumes our self-energy at higher rates than we can compensate for; then we become drained; we feel helpless, powerless, and paralyzed (both physically and emotionally). That is also true too for many other sides of our life, such as our social life, financial abilities, or even sometimes our intellectual abilities too.

Maintaining the equilibrium between Production and the Ability of Production is an essential need for successful effective people, and practicing extreme creativity breaks that rule to the bone. Your health and your basic human needs should always have priority over your creativity. The moment you know the answer to the hard question of how you can be creative in achieving the equilibrium point of your life is the moment when you are the most creative. It is when you are ready to give up some unnecessary creativity for the sake of the common good of your life.

Allowing creativity to control your own time is a common mistake that creative people usually make. You should always be the one who decides when it is time to be creative and when it is not, and how much time you will spend on being creative. One important thing to remember when you are involved in a creative process is to ask yourself about the real value of what you do, and how much of your life and time might be worth it. Once you admire an idea and allow it to control you, you become obsessed with it, and you just ignore everything else to give it 100% of your energy. You should never allow an idea to control you, no matter how much you find it promising. It does not matter how much you will earn out of that idea, compared to the loss and damage that such an obsession will do to the other sides of your life. 

Ammar Moussa

However, it is not only about the balance of your life; as I said before, creativity is double-edged, and it could be the enemy in many ways. 

The ethical side of any creative idea you have is an important side that many people ignore these days. Our creative abilities are neutral between good and evil, and can serve them both; and that is why we always need to apply that filter of ethical conscience to pick what should be allowed to get out and what should be suppressed. Self-censorship is a basic and mandatory principle that irresponsible people have fought against for a long time, using the motto of preserving the freedom of creativity as a sacred right that should not be restricted, not even by our own conscientiousness!

Not every creative idea is a real creative one. When Mozart composed his musical pieces, he was creative; when Einstein put the theory of relativity, he was creative; but also, when the United States used nuclear weapons in Japan, that was creative; and when Satan brought Adam and Eve out of heaven, he also was creative. 

Creativity has a shallow meaning, which is neutral between good and evil, and it is related to the creation of new, exceptional, and profitable ideas. However, the deep meaning of creativity also counts the ethical side of the idea

Using the first meaning, you would say that the makers of porno movies and the manufacturers of mass destructive weapons are all creative; but when we measure their creativity on the scale of the deep meaning, where ethics are essential factors of the evaluation, then their creativity is actually doomed.

The sad fact here is that in today's world, creativity has become almost subject to capital holders and their interests. The model of creativity that is being supported socially, politically, and financially nowadays is that model that only supports whatever achieves the highest financial returns, or serves the agendas of political groups in some way or other, regardless of quality or ethics. So when you want to consider your creative idea ethically, you should not use the scale of what people (or society) think about it, you should judge through the voice of your inner conscientiousness.

When you can do all of that and eventually end up with something really creative and ethical without burning yourself and your life, at that moment you become creative in being creative.

ENG Ammar Moussa