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Book: Facing & Solving Problems

Suddenly, someone is knocking on your door and willing to ruin your day. You open the door and here she is; a charming problem shakes your being and introduces herself, “Hi, I am your new problem, and I am here today to make your life ugly and miserable as much as I can...

What a pleasing moment when a problem shows her face for the first time, but still, you appreciate the fact that she knocked the door first! Problems usually do not have such a courtesy; they just throw themselves into your life, as if it was not already miserable enough without them! They invade your life as if they were a well-trained military squad holding one and only one order, to knock you down at any cost…

They keep coming without a truce, and you keep doing your best a day after another to please your guests and honor them; until one day, you feel totally exhausted and drained; simple missions become hard and painful like lifting rocks. And if you were lucky enough, you would end in a luxurious ICU suite, and the elegant white coats would be watching you helpless and just hoping that you would witness the next sunrise…

OMG… That was so dramatic... Let us roll back… After all, it is your own story, and you are the one who writes it. Let us change the scenario from the early beginning and end with a happier closure where the naughty problems are being defeated, and you end as a happy victorious hero that might need a short rest but filled with vitality and hope.

Based on science and long years of real-life experiences, and presented in a simple and witty manner, “Facing & Solving Problems” summarizes all about how to rewrite the whole scenario from the beginning and create such a happier closure.

It is not another book of canned advice or self-help tablets – or painkillers – that you would swallow to relieve your pains. It is almost a full and deep guide for how to face and solve your daily life’s problems without being burned. It is a book that whoever reads it would whisper in his or her heart “Thank you, Ammar… I really needed this a long time ago...

Publisher: KDP
ISBN: 979-8-8842-4677-5 
Edition: 6th
Length: 232 Pages
Released: 2018
Last Update: 2024
File Size & Type: 6.5 MB (.pdf) File
E-Book Price: Free
Paperback Price: 22.50$

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