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Book: The Equilibrium Zone


The circus performer's ability to walk on a tightrope is not a miraculous feat; it is just that he knows about balance more than you do. Not surprisingly, the same applies to crossing life's tightrope.

One way or another, balance needs to be achieved in our life. Circumstances may help you make it an ideal balance, or you might be forced to compromise at times. However, it remains essential to recognize that achieving such a balance is a duty that can never be entirely disregarded.

The Equilibrium Zone is somehow a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a way of thinking that you will find applicable and beneficial in various ways. But first, you will have to understand the deep meaning of it.

Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 978-3-7487-5249-3
Edition: 6th
Length: 42 Pages
Released: 2016
Last Update: 2023
File Size & Type: 2.12 MB (.pdf) File
Price: Free


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