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Book: The Equilibrium Zone

When the circus man walks across the hanged wire, he doesn’t do a miracle, he just knows about balance more than you do.

Effective balance should be achieved one way or another. Sometimes, circumstances might help in achieving an optimum balance, but most of the time you will be forced to compromise. However, it remains essential to recognize that achieving some sort of balance is something you will never be able to ignore for a long time.

The Equilibrium Zone is somehow a philosophy, a lifestyle and a manner of thinking that you will find applicable and useful in many different ways, but only if you deeply understand the meanings behind it.

Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 978-3-7487-5249-3
Edition: 5th
Length: 55 Pages
Released: 2016
Last Update: 2021
File Size & Type: 2.12 MB (.pdf) File
Price: 2.99$

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