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Book: The Dynamics of Successful Personal Change



You cannot play a game without understanding the rules first. So, having a serious willingness to make real serious changes in your life is not enough....

A successful personal change is just a personal development process, which means that it needs time and includes changing the person’s mentality, behaviors and habits. All of that makes it such a dynamic and complicated process where many variables would have to be considered and managed. In order to success in committing a personal change, you would first need to deeply understand how such a change occurs in reality...

So, if you have such a serious will to achieve those changes, then the master key you would need to make them happen would be to understand The Dynamics of Successful Personal Change.

Publisher: Amazon - KDP
Edition: 4th
Length: 37 Pages
Released: 2018
Last Update: 2023
File Size & Type: 1.7 MB (.pdf) File
Price: Free


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